beginner eyelash extension course


Beginner Eyelash Extension Course

Classic, Hybrid and intro to Feather Volume Lash Extensions 

Our 2-day beginner eyelash extension course is the ultimate blue-print for new lash artists who want to learn the fundamentals but also come out of their class running!

You will learn classic eyelash extensions techniques as well as out most modern, cutting-edge techniques; hybrid and our exclusive feather volume method. This beginner eyelash extension course will put you light- years ahead of lash artists in your area!

Our 2-Day Beginner Eyelash Extension Course is:

Specifically designed for entry level lash artists who want to be the best in the business, who want to learn modern, cutting edge techniques; classic, hybrid and feather volume eyelash extensions.

This “all in one” class will put you steps ahead of even the most seasoned lash extension artists. 

Eyelash extensions is the one service that women will do almost anything to get done. We’ve actually seen a lady with a broken foot climb a steep flight of stairs to get their eyelashes done! You should be the person this lady climbs the stairs for!

Our Beginner Eyelash Extension Course starts with the basics;

  • Eye health
  • Knowing your tools
  • Learning about what products are the best in the industry to make YOU the best in the industry.

Then we take you right into learning how to lash (from classic 1 extension on 1 natural lash to beautiful fans!) and on the 2nd day you will be working on a model (bring your bestie!).

Beginner Eyelash Extension Course Location

We will help you accomplish all of that (and more!) The difference between just a “lash technician” and a “Lash Artist” starts with a solid foundation of training. You’ll come in to class not knowing what to expect and leave our class as a Certified Lash Artist with all the knowledge necessary to get your career on the path to financial freedom.

In this beginner eyelash extension course, students receive plenty of one-on-one and hands-on lash application training to ensure you go home feeling confident that you can do beautiful lashes.

Luxury Lash Studio & Academy’s Beginner Eyelash Extension Course is non-refundable, but transferable.

Students can reschedule, at no additional charge, up to 10 days before the scheduled date of the course.

* Please note: Licensing requirements vary by state. It is incumbent for you to know the laws of your state before enrolling in our course. The state of California requires you to be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist to perform the service of eyelash extensions. Current students may take the class.

*Please note:  Class sizes are limited to promote social distancing. 

The cost for the 2 day beginner eyelash extension course is  $ 1,250.00